Genetically, in passing down the tradition of winegrowing from parent to child.
Ethically, respecting the environment, people, and traditions.
Socially, through cooperation and shared values.
Productively, conserving, developing, and promoting indigenous grape varieties while ensuring fully modern production standards and consumer safeguards.



Proud of our Abruzzo, we identify with its authentic nature, so well loved and depicted by Gabriele D’Annunzio. This is now our cultural heritage.

We dedicate our work to the land and nature of Abruzzo, determined day after day to protect and preserve this grand region, to bring out its best qualities and share them on discerning tables the world over.



of associated winegrowing, divided in 9 wineries


hectares of vineyards
This is Citra's greatest asset, encompassing almost the entire province of Chieti. A diverse array of lands and microclimates, each with particular characteristics reflected in the unique composition and organoleptic qualities of the grapes, providing the diversity and balance necessary to take difficult years in stride


winegrowers associations
Citra gathers nine winegrowers associations of proven experience


overall capacity per hour, in two modern bottling lines


years of experience
Founded in 1973, Citra is Abruzzo’s preeminent winemaker, joining the technology, quality control, and competencies of a large company with the quality and time-honed traditions of its winemaking families.


among oenologists and agronomists
The staff who take care of our wines from the vineyard to the bottle

Our native vines

Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, Cococciola e Montonico: they are the excellences of the Abruzzo vineyards.
Autochthonous by definition after centuries of cultivation in our region, they strengthen our leadership position at the forefront of world viticulture.

The barrel cellar


Our barrel cellar is the largest in central and southern Italy, and the heart of our winery. It holds the memory of our vintages, it is here that we write the finest pages in our history.

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