Codice Citra's People

The deeply felt tradition and rite of the grape harvest is eloquently expressed on some 12,000 visages every year.

Call it social identity, body soul or if you prefer purpose unity. The point is that every Citra’s vine grower is part of a successful ambitious project; Citra’s associate winemaker proudly recognizes himself in a solid brand. 3,000 members, 6,000 arms: their enthusiasm, their passion and their constant effort are our most precious capital.

Generation after generation, from father to son, the baton has been passed from one hand to the other, together with the knowledge, abilities, self-abnegation and ancestral respect for nature and tireless effort. In this way the ancient culture of vine processing renovates within its long tradition. The changing of seasons dominates customs, and our wine producers take care of their grapes with much commitment and enjoy the results of their hard work.