Terre di Chieti IGP Passerina


Terre di Chieti IGP Passerina
Both delicate and complex bouquet, notes of white flowers mix with citrus scents and spicy hints. Fresh and fragrant taste, the complexity of the captivating olfactory sensations is so appetising as to make it a surprising and persistent wine. Perfect to pair with a rich aperitif as well as complex dishes.

Vinification: Light crushing and cold-press maceration of pressed grapes. Only the first-pressing must, which is separated by gravity, ferments at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.
Colour: Straw yellow with golden hints.
Bouquet: Delicate and pleasantly fruity with hints of citrus.
Taste: Fresh and fragrant, well-balanced and harmonic with citrus notes and yellow fruit scents.
Food pairing
Food pairing: All dish dishes, from sushi to delicate first and second fish dishes, with crudités. Perfect match with white meat, soft or not very seasoned cheeses. It is also excellent as an aperitif.