Quality and certifications


Technicians follow already at earliest stages the ageing of grapes that will then pass to vinification, oenologists work side by side with their associated wineries, all the production phases are internally managed for the entire control on the whole production cycle. Only the best part of grapes are then transferred to the production phase at Citra’s technologically advanced factory.
All phases on the two modern bottling lines occur automatically: bottling is cold-sterile with an average of 18,000 bottles produced every hour.

All the production processes by Citra are ISO22000 and ISO9001 certified, in addition to the BRC and IFS certifications, which are fundamental achievements in terms of having good relationships with the European and International mass retailing.



Citra has numerous quality certifications. Starting from ISO9001, related to the company management system, to get to the SA8000 ethical certification, which guarantees corporate social responsibility and ethics, and ISO14001, which certifies the environmental management, both obtained in 2014. Significant importance also product certifications, such as: ISO22000, BRC and IFS that guarantee the safety and wholesomeness of the final product to the consumer and are fundamental in terms of relations with European and international marketing partners.



in latest years Citra has implemented an environmental project based on sustainable energy. The first activity of this project, realized in 2011, is the activation of a photovoltaic system of 200 kWh with zero impact. The energy produced is reused internally for the operation of production processes.