Codice Citra Wine Team

Codice Citra Wine Team

The technical staff made up of all winemakers and agronomists of the associated wineries

"Citra Wine Team" is the technical staff made up of 19 technicians between oenologists and agronomists (all winemakers and agronomists of the associated wineries) and the enologists of Codice Citra - Davide Dias, Lino Olivastri (winemaker and R&D manager) and Ludovica Crugnale (winemaker) - guided by Riccardo Cotarella, President of Assoenologi, and his technical staff.

The collaboration with dott. Cotarella, enriches the mission of Codice Citra that aspire to enhance the wines of Abruzzo with investment in research and zonation of the terroir telling the vine-biological excellence, in addition to grouping the most important wineries in the province of Chieti to select, control and enhance the best quality wine production.


With Riccardo Cotarella and his technical staff, Codice Citra has defined a collaboration that can be summarized in the following six points:

  1. in-depth analysis of the enological potential;
  2. enhancement of the most interesting productive "cru";
  3. professional growth of the technical staff of the company;
  4. identification of types of wine on which initiate an upgrade path to improve both the quality and the image;
  5. building a strong and constructive relationship with the technical managers and members of the 9 wineries partners;
  6. construction of technical content (related to both the vineyard and the wines) capable of increasing the value of the company's communication.