Passerina Terre di Chieti IGP


Passerina origins

Another name, like Pecorino, deriving from the animal kingdom. The Italian word for sparrow is “passero”, and they are quite fond of these grapes. It is also known by others names: Uva Passera, Trebbiano di Teramo, Campolese, Caccione, Uva d'Oro, Uva Fermana, Cacciadebiti, Pagadebiti (the last two names refer to the ability to pay one’s debts, indicating that it was seen as a very productive grape variety ensuring a good income). Endowed with a good level of acidity and phenolics, this grape has significant health benefits. It is certainly a very versatile variety, well suited to the production of sparkling wines, vin santo, raisin wines, and even vino cotto. Its flavor is typically characterized by tropical and citrus fruits, honey, and a grassy component with delicate notes of spice. It is a full-bodied wine with a pleasantly bitter finish.


Vino Terre di Chieti IGP Passerina

Both delicate and complex bouquet, notes of white flowers mix with citrus scents and spicy hints. Fresh and fragrant taste, the complexity of the captivating olfactory sensations is so appetising as to make it a surprising and persistent wine. Perfect to pair with a rich aperitif as well as complex dishes.


Terre di Chieti IGP Passerina

Vino Vino Spumante Passerina Brut “Rina”

Taste fresh and persistent. Vivacious and enchanting. Aroma and sparkling enhance its length. Aftertaste sensations confirm the high quality of this wine sensory characteristic. Excellent as an “happy hour” wine. Ideal with typical Mediterranean fish and shellfish dishes, especially raw fish.

Bollicine - Metodo Martinotti

Vino Spumante Passerina Brut “Rina”